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One of their technician's came to my house to inspect my a/c and give an estimate on what it would cost.(This is how it was explained to me when i setup the appointment, and this is what their radio advertisements says.) The technician took it upon himself to go ahead and fix the problem without consulting me on how much it would cost.

When he told me how much it would be, he said "I told you how much it was going to be and what i was going to do." LIE, i told him i wanted an estimate first. Then when i told him that i just wanted an estimate, because at the time i didn't have the funds to pay for the work, he stated that he would go and take everything off and rip the wiring off where he had fixed it.

When i tried to explain this to the receptionist she payed no mind to my complaint.All I have to say is DON'T USE THIS COMPANY IF YOU HAVE A PROBLEM WITH YOUR AC BECAUSE THEY WILL JUST TAKE YOU FOR ALL THEY WANT!!!!!!!!!

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The service fee which brought them out to my house was $79.I knew this going in.

He flipped a switch on my furnace limiter and inspected the furnace. He said it would cost $600 to clean the coils. I said no thanks. My bill was $108.

They charged me $29 for him to flip the switch. What? Flipping a switch is $29?? Sign me up!

I'll quit my job and flip switches for a living for $29.

I Calle another heat/ad place in town and they estimated $160 for the coil cleaning.I'll take the $500 savings.

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